International activity on chemicals management held in Tirana on23-28 April 2012

KEMI- Swedish Chemicals Agency has organized for many years  an International Training Program themed “ Chemicals Management Strategies”, a program which is supported by SIDA – Swedish International Cooperation Agency . On a long-term prospective this program will contribute to the strengthening of capacities of the countries involved with chemicals management. Our country has been part of three consecutive programs during 2009-2012 with 12 representatives from central government, institutions, universities, associations as well as local government.

The objectives of this program are to provide sound information on chemicals management in a country, helping the development of national strategies of chemicals management. The program is divided in two parts. In the first part which is organised in Sundbyberg, Sweden, are given the basics information of chemicals management and safety.

Some topics discussed during the first part are the need of chemicals management, the basic features of such management, international conventions and legislation on chemicals, division of responsibilities among government and private entrepreneurships in industry and commerce, usage and exposure of chemicals, systems which provide information about chemicals properties, classification, labelling, packaging of chemicals, systems and regulations for the chemicals information exchange, assessment, management and risk reduction systems, inspection and responsibilities etc.   

Every participant in the workshop should present a project-idea where should be specified the problems and needs of his/her country regarding chemicals management. These issues are presented as projects objectives. The staff of KEMI supervises the development of the proposed projects.

The second part of the training is organized in one of the countries participating in the training. During this stage are presented projects which started in the first part of the training up to the second part, during a period of 6-7 months.  Every participant should present their project progress. The following stage for the participants of 2011 was held in Albania during 23-28 April 2012. In this activity took part 17 representatives from Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnje, Ukraine, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Albania. During the week stay in Tirana, the participants could visit the plastic recycling factory of Everest SA, the city of Tirana as well as some touristic landmarks  such as the amphitheatre of Durres, Dajti mountain, the beach of Durres and Golem..   

Prepared by: E. Rogozi
Editor: L.Tafaj