Activities held by the Institute of Public Health concerning the DDD’s

Following the issues tackled by the Institute of Public Health concerning the shortages and threats stemming from the inadequate usage of biocide substances used in the DDD (Disinfection, Disinsection, Deratisation) services a series of activities and trainings were held during January 2011- April 2012. The training activities were organized from IPH and Colkim  supported by the Ministry of Health in cooperation with PelGar International with their HQ in London, Arli International, Maminas, Durres, the Albanian branch of Quark(an Italian company), Italian company. These trainings give us a good example of the relationship between the private and public sector.



The topics of the trainings organized in the above-mentioned period are as follows:

January 2011: “Pest –Control: Biocide substances (DDD) and Methods of Safe Application in Public Health“;

June 2011: “Applied methodologies for the Hygienic and Sanitary Inspection of Public Structures on the Assessment of the level of Infection from Biological Vectors (Insects and Rodents)”;

April 2012: “Inspection and control methods of Vectors in Public Health and Infesters in Food  Industry”.

These trainings cover different areas and topics, including the applied methodologies for inspection, methods of vector’s control, methods on safe application etc. In these trainings  have participated hygienists, epidemiologists, inspectors and other members of the DPH(Directories of Public Health) as well as from the districts including also members from the Ministry of Health and Institute of Public Health. The goal of these activities was the extension of knowledge on the methods of inspection and vector’s control as well as raising the awareness of the DPH of the districts as well as of the public in general to the risks of biocide substances.

Prepared by: Edited by:

Enkelejda Dikolli Lindita Tafaj

Elton Rogozi

Leandro Xhama

Tirana, 23.05.2012