Third session of International Conference on Chemicals Management

In 17-21 September 2012 the third session of SAICM conference took place. Aiming at turning aspirations into practical delivery without delay, a recent update has been prepared by the SAICM secretariat highlighting the key outcomes of this Conference.
The main outcomes of the conference were:
1)- Evaluation and progress in implementation of the Strategic Approach
The third session reviewed progress against agreed Strategic Approach which reporting highlighted  that national chemicals profiles have shown to be effective tools in national efforts to set the agenda and determine priorities for sound chemicals management  as well as implementation of the Quick Start Programme. The Strategic Approach Quick Start Programme also had an important role in the implementation of SAICM by providing a boost to many countries in their efforts to prepare national chemicals management profiles.

The Conference agreed that the secretariat should develop a second progress report for the period 2011–2013 for consideration by the Conference at its fourth session.
2)-  Strengthening of national chemicals management capacities
Under this agenda item, a high-level dialogue took place between different stakeholders highlighting the successes and identifying the challenges, thereby setting the direction for how the Strategic Approach should move forward to meet the challenge of the 2020 goal. Based on the outcomes of the dialogue, the secretariat was requested to develop overall orientation and guidance to meet the 2020 goal of sound chemicals management including some concrete elements.
3) - Financial and technical resources for implementation of the Strategic Approach
(Resolution III/1)
There is a general call, through resolution III/1, to encourage all stakeholders to contribute financing and technical resources to Strategic Approach implementation.
Long-term funding of chemicals and wastes
An integrated approach to financing sound management of chemicals and wastes was considered by the Conference and received valuable feedback.
Quick Start Programme Trust Fund
The Conference agreed to the extension of the Quick Start Programme Trust Fund until ICCM4, following recommendations from its Executive Board.
4)- Emerging Policy Issues (Resolutions III/2&3)
The Conference adopted omnibus resolution III/2, on emerging policy issues which included lead in paint, chemicals in products, hazardous substances within the life cycle of electrical and electronic products, nanotechnology and manufactured nanomaterials and the newly nominated issue of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in a single omnibus resolution. It also addressed perfluorinated chemicals and the transition to safer alternatives in Resolution III/3.
5)- Health Sector Strategy (Resolution III/4)
The Conference adopted the strategy for strengthening the engagement of the health sector in the implementation of the Strategic Approach. Summarizing the key roles and responsibilities in sound chemicals management

The final report of the third session, including the resolutions, is available on the Strategic Approach web-site at the following link:

Acronyms :

ICCM – International Conference on Chemical Management
SAICM- Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management
QSP – Quick Start Programme